Bow River, Alberta

Bow River, Alberta

Ty & I fished the Bow River on July 5 right before SPF 2012; it was a great prelude to the family reunion.  It is the first time I’ve fished the Bow since I was a Resident a gajillion years ago. Another fine walk down memory lane.

This season’s heavy rains and runoff made for high water and challenging fishing, but we still managed to catch about a dozen fish, all thanks to our guide from Country Pleasures. All were decent fish and included rainbows, brown and a big whitefish. When I hooked the whitefish I knew it was a hog–I was certain it was the trout of my life.  I have to admit a was more than a little crestfallen when we pulled a whitefish out of the net. C’est la vie! Prettiest fish had to go to Ty who finished the day with a beautiful brown trout.  Not to worry, I’ll be back to take my revenge on him.

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