Is The Election In The Bag?

Is The Election In The Bag?

A huge chunk of America is on pins and needles as we approach the biggest election of our lives. I’ve been afraid to get too optimistic–I’ve been disappointed too many times before.  I’ve therefore been a bit of a doubting Thomas, but am feeling good enough about it now to get this out BEFORE the election results are in. 

Call me crazy, but methought I saw a sign during General Conference this fall.  Take a look at this screen shot taken during Dallin H. Oaks talk (Protect the Children) at the Saturday morning session.  The pattern in the green leaves behind and left of Elder Oaks looks like a face staring back at the camera. At first I thought it looked a bit like Abraham Lincoln.*  On closer inspection . . . it’s not Abe.  It looks like my old Stake President: Mitt Romney!  And that has to be good news for this election.

Go ahead and call the authorities . . . they also called Lehi a ‘visionary man’ (1 Nephi 5:2-4, 1 Nephi 2:11). I’d love to right on this. But if nothing else, at least this post will give you a chance to watch Elder Oaks throw it down while you’re waiting for election returns to roll in. 

* I texted the picture to the family so see what they thought. It confirmed for Ty and Robyn that their father had finally lost it completely. Tate thought he saw the the face of the Holy Virgin . . . probably because he went to Costa Rica on his mission. Tiff just smiled and nodded.

2 thoughts on “Is The Election In The Bag?

  1. This post was really funny!

    Im tired of reading all of my friends post of facebook, all I can say is where is your class and have you forgotten how a democracy works? As for all the republicans on facebook that keep claiming to be packing their bag to head for Canada, grow up your comments make you look like a fool. And you Democrats that are stating God doesn't want Mitt Romney in office, come on really thats no way to celebrate. America needs to learn to work as a single unit once again, and stop crying. We need to be grateful for the freedoms that we still have unlike so many other countries in the world.

  2. It must have been Abe after all . . . GRRR!

    Went for a bike ride this morning and rode like someone that had just been dumped by his girlfriend (sound familiar): a belly full of hate. Felt somewhat better afterwards. When I walked in the office,I still told my staff that I was in a foul mood and today was not the day to provoke me.

    So much for the whole 'visionary man' thing.

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