The Stunned Banana Co-Efficient

The Stunned Banana Co-Efficient

As we celebrate mothers I’ve been thinking of mine and the 12 years that have gone by so fast since she passed. Spending time with my sister brought back many memories of her.

My mom was a about the most kindhearted person I know. The harshest thing I ever heard her say of someone was ‘he’s a real stunned banana’. I would find this SO FUNNY–especially coming from my dear mom. I’d conjure up some slack-jawed goof that was oblivious to everything. This certainly wasn’t the usual way she used the phrase. I think the jist of her comments usually referred to someone that just didn’t get it and was not likely to figure things out in the near future. It was her way of recognizing the tragedy of unrealized potential and loss of opportunity.

I will occasionally throw the phrase around now & then. But in reality it would probably do me some good to ask myself how mom would assess me on the stunned banana scale–especially from the perspective of eternity she now holds.

Am I so stunned by the tasks and routines of the day that I miss the opportunities of living each day fully? How long will it take me to clue in? Does the mire of this life bog me down so I miss the opportunities that await me in the eternities? Do I mistake the transitory nature of worldly gains for the unlimited potential that awaits those that really get it and embrace the Lord to secure their eternal future?

There are times when my stunned banana co-efficient is pretty high. I’m working on it. That’s not to say there aren’t some days when my jaw is slack and my gaze somewhat distance. We’ll chalk it up to thinking deep thoughts . . . wink-wink.

Thanks and love to my mom for her ongoing influence for good on me, and parenting skills that transcend the grave. Happy Mother’s Day.

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