$5.50 For A Pastry?

$5.50 For A Pastry?

If you’ve ever had a Kouing Aman (butter pastry from Brittany) from Les Madeline’s in SLC you’d pay it in a heartbeat. I’m dying for one so bad.

Ty and I bought some at Easter. I tried to buy more than my allotment of 6. The girl behind the counter gave me the worst stink-eye I’ve ever experienced. She was a real pastry-Nazi. I was just glad to get my 6 in the end: 1 for each of us. Ty showed his true character when his grandma Maughan ate hers and then his too. People kill for lesser offenses all the time, and the courts have to prosecute it as justifiable manslaughter. There’s way too much passion for a murder charge to stick.

I NEED one of my children living in ID or UT to show me the love and get me one six of these bad boys.  Let’s not forget the whole ‘honor thy father’ thing.

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